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Pioneering the world’s most influential zero waste experience.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Shopping Plastic free was inconvenient & expensive. 

We were bored of the endless amount of plastic we were throwing away each week. We didn’t have a car and the amount of forward planning (let alone weight) to take my empty jars to the bulk food store was becoming an increasing obstacle. 

We launched a simple test site to see if anyone would be interested in buying plastic free pantry items online and.. turns out – a lot of people were searching for an easier way. 

Paperbark Pantry quickly grew from a couple of numbers geeks fed up with the retail industry to a growing team working each day to ship you premium products at an honest cost. 

Best Selling Products

Forcing Grocery Retailers to grow up. 

Taking the middle man & the plastic out of weekly shopping, replacing it with higher quality and zero single use plastic.