Our Problem: Buying food free of plastic totally sucked.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: it needs to be easy to reduce plastic. 

We were a couple of working professionals, no kids, no commitments but the time investment & planning involved to make sure the jars that needed to be refilled in store were empty at the right time was becoming a second job.

Then there was packing up the jars in bags which weighed a ton, to take to a store that was well out of our way and calculate the weight of the jars before and after filling.

Before you know it..boom.. like that half of Saturday was gone! 

My name is

With a career background in Retail, I couldn’t just sit back and wait for someone else to ‘fix’ the plastic filled supply chain. 

So I got my business partner involved and we started Paperbark Pantry to create an alternative that would fit into busy lives, easily. 

Paperbark is a natural material that can be used to wrap food – hence the name!

As we started looking into sourcing our range, I was shocked at the variance in quality between products. Supermarkets have such a long supply chain, with people needing to make money at each stage – that as soon as costs go up, quality is sacrificed. 

Well not with us.

We have minimal costs, no middle people and a goal to bring ethics, quality & sustainability back into retail. 

About Me

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Numbers Nerd.